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For Centuries the main ingredients for HIB powdered beverage drink, have been known for keeping the mind sharp and clear along with many medicinal and preventive health benefits in India and other Asian countries.

Turmeric Flower

All Natural Ingredients: Turmeric Root Powder, Ginger Root Powder, Mango Fruit Powder (in the flavored variety where maltodextrin may be added), and Pure Stevia Powder.

Directions for Use and Mixing:
This refreshing powder beverage drink is specially blended for taste and purity.

Suggested Use:
Use one to two servings per day. With the enclosed spoon add approximately 1/2 spoonful of HIB powder (more or less), to 8-12 oz of chilled drinking water, juice or tea. Stir or shake. The HIB powder is good for you, easy on your wallet, and just a little goes a long way. This HIB packet contains enough powder to make about thirty 8-12 oz. drinks or approximately 2 gallons. If any of the powder is left on the bottom of your glass, cup or container, just add more liquid, stir or shake and drink.

Hawaii Immune Booster LLC is blended, packaged and licensed in the State of Hawaii, produced on the Island of Kauai. If you are pregnant or may become pregnant please consult physician before using.

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Original non-flavored & Sweetened
Mango Flavored & Sweetened
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